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Morgen Baird 18.200

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2017 GLS Drivers

Jarrod Pritchett #1

Nicole Stanley #2

Tim Phillips #3


With the forecast calling for rain and the doubt of the racers, everybody made the trip to Mottville Speedway hoping to put on a show. The GLS minicups had three super competitive heats with Jaden Cretacci, Nichole Stanley, and Jarrod Pritchett all winning their races. When time for the features, the GLS decided to have 2 features. The first feature was action packed with Alyson and Nichole nose to tail. For a while, it looked llike Alyson was going to be the winner, but, with the lapped traffic approaching, Alyson slowed and Nichole took control and never looked back. This was Nicholes first GLS feature win. GREAT JOB NICHOLE!!! Both girls made it very exciting. Mike Todd finished 3rd.

The second feature saw Jaden take off and was dominating until the Pritchett brothers hooked up and drfted to Jaden's bumper with Woolsey in tow. With a few laps remaining Jarrod Pritchett proceded to make a low pass on team mate Jaden, then Elliot changed his line and passed both for the win. Jarrod came in 2nd with team mate Jade third, Woolsey 4th and Zac Nichols 5th. SUPER JOB TO ALL DRIVERS!!!!!

Jay Woosley #15

Elliott Pritchett #9

Jaden Cretacci #11

Robert Ruttan #33

Tyler Minix #42

Brad Currier


2017 GLS Points Championship- Standings

Keagan Sobilo

tias Bobby StanleyBobby

Colin Zieman

Colin Zieman

Colin Zieman

Colin Zieman

Colin Zieman

Colin Zieman

Colin Zieman

Bobby Stanley


Mike Todd

Amando Bohn

Zach Nickels

American Racer Tires

Sta Bobby





Archived Race Results

2017 GLS-Rookie of the Year Championship

2017 GLS-Young Guns Championship

2016 GLS Tracks/Records

Tim Phillips- 14.926

Tim Phillips- 18.870

Elliott Pritchett- 11.845

Morgen Baird 14.173

Tim Phillips- 14.986

Elliott Pritchett- 15.865

Tim Phillips- 19.343

Maurice Randall- 15.898


Morgen Baird- 17.576

Morgen Baird- 15.220

Maurice Randall- 18.953